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Stainless Steel Rice Cookers Provide Convenient and Efficient Way of Cooking

Who said cooking rice is easy? If you are using a traditional way of cooking rice in a vessel then you have to stand around the kitchen to keep an eye until it gets ready. Even if you are using a pressure cooker, you required sufficient water to make fluffy steamed rice. That’s reason electric stainless steel rice cookers are extensively used as they make the rice cooking work easy and convenient. It comes in a bunch of features and effectively works while saving time. But, there are some key factors you should consider while buying an electric rice cooker. 

Size and Capacity 

Rice cookers are available in various sizes and capacities. Unlike other kitchen appliances, these cookers will not occupy less space and easy to use. The capacity of rice cookers is measured in the total number of rice cup you want to cook. 

These cookers are available in different capacities ranging from 1 to 6 liters and more. When you are buying a stainless steel rice cooker for the commercial kitchen then you must need large capacity and size.

Easy to use 

Electric cookers come in a one-touch operation. It means you just need to add rice and a sufficient amount of water and leave rest things on the cooker. You can find the advanced range of electric cookers with digital controls and functions. These cookers functions like self-timer/delay start, slow cooking, steaming and more. It is good to have self-time or delay start function in an electric rice cooker. It allows the cooker to start functioning automatically at a specified time and also tell you the time when the rice is ready to serve.

Types of lids

In some cookers are available with a see-through lid while others come with close-fit stainless steel lid. A see-through lid is a better option as it allows you to check on the rice when it cook.

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