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Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

When it comes to catering business or restaurant kitchen, they required commercial refrigerators and freezers to store a large quantity of fresh produce, meat, dairy products and different types of drinks. It is important because some of the products are required proper storage at the right temperature. If you are also planning to expand your catering business or upgrade your refrigerator to store more food quantity to eliminate wastage then you need to approach the right set of a refrigerator according to your need.

When it comes to buy commercial refrigerators and freezers, you should first explore its different range of varieties that include a dorm fridge to large walk-in refrigerators. By choosing the right refrigeration you can ensure the smooth working of your commercial kitchen. In this article, we are sharing different types of commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Things you should consider while purchasing  

First, you should determine the type of cooler and freezer you need. You have to consider the restaurant concept and its size. For example, if you have limited space then you should not go with large walk-in refrigerator as it is not an ideal choice for it. Apart from it, the food delivery schedule also matters in choosing the right refrigerator. If you receive daily deliveries of fresh meat, dairy products or seafood then you don’t need as much of the refrigeration whereas if you need to deliver once or twice a week then good refrigeration is needed to preserve the food for a long time.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

  1. Reach-in Freezers and Refrigerators

These storage units are mostly found in the kitchen and bar areas of the restaurant and also located in the wait station. These are low ground freezes where you can easily reach to find the items. The capacities of these units are determined by cubic feet and have multiple sections. You should keep these cooling appliances away from the cooking line and heat for efficient working.

  • Walk-in Refrigerators

When you need a large amount of storage space, walk-in refrigerators are an ideal option for you. These refrigerators are available in the size of a small closet or as big as the living room. You can store easily store large boxes of produces, a bucket of food, a block of cheese and more which are large in size, perishable as well as bulky. They are also a great option for storing juices, alcohol and more.

  • Restaurant bar Refrigeration  

You can find different varieties of bar refrigerators include plate chillers, keg coolers, back bar refrigerators, etc. They are used for storing wines, bar mixes, bottles beers, and canned beverages. These refrigerators are generally made of black vinyl or stainless steel exterior to provide under counter bar area a more streamline appearance.

  • Under-counter Refrigeration 

These units work like a reach-in unit but they are much shorter and easily fit into small spaces. If your restaurant has less space, you can choose under the counter freeze. They are used for storing few products which can be used on an as-needed basis like seafood, meat, and poultry for a grill.

  • Serve Over Counter

These types of units are used in meat outlets, cafes or grocery stores. You can display the items in the unit by using bent or level glass. These units are similar to countertop display refrigerators but don’t have glass which covers the food products completely.

  • Refrigerated Prep Tables

This unit is utilized in the cooking line or preparation area of the commercial kitchen. There are two types of refrigerated prep tables includes pizza prep tables and sandwich/salad tables. Cold storage plays well to keep the ingredients fresh and cold. The units contain drawers to store prepared sauces and dressing. The difference between the pizza table and salad table is the depth of the cutting board.

Buy commercial refrigerators and freezers through online

If you have decided which type of commercial refrigerators and freezers you are required for your business then you can easily buy them online from a trusted store. At the online store, you can find all varieties of commercial kitchen equipment and appliance under the roof from where you can buy the one as per your prime requirements. The trusted online stores deal in premium quality products as well as provide warranties on their products also. Explore the trusted online store like HorecaTraders to buy commercial refrigerators and freezers at great prices.


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