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Checklist of commercial kitchen accessories for your restaurant

Choosing the right set of kitchen accessories has become one of the prime tasks when you are planning to open a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing food business. Restaurant commercial kitchen equipment’s and appliances are the key requirements for completing various tasks in the kitchen like cooking, storing and other tasks. In this article, we have categorized the restaurant equipment in different groups. If you are also planning to buy kitchen accessories online then read this article first.

  1. Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment is a key component of any kitchen. When it comes to cooking equipment you should be clear what type of pieces you are required or where you are going to using most. The small pieces will cost you less expensive but they don’t have the capacity to cook a large amount of food. The essential cooking equipment for the restaurant include:-

  • Oven- A versatile equipment used for roasting, braising, baking and other work. This equipment is available in different varieties so you need to choose the one as per your restaurant’s needs. 
  • Deep fryer:- It is used for making French fries, chicken tenders and other different variety of fried food
  • Grill:- This will help you to make perfect steaks and burgers or to create a smoky and charred flavor that is required for many different recipes.  
  • Broiler – This product is useful for finishing dishes, melting cheese or toasting bread. Also, it offers high heat output to broil salmon or cook foods.
  • Cookware Accessories

Without cookware accessories you can’t prepare any food in your kitchen. You should have a sufficient amount of small kitchenware for each chef to ensure smooth working in the kitchen. Cooking tools such as cooking boards, peelers, graters, etc. are common things that should be available in the restaurant kitchen.

  • Pots and cookers: – Some of the basic types of pots and cookers are pressure cookers, boiler pots, sauce pots, pasta cooker and more. All these products are available in different sizes and storage capacities.
  • Pans:- They are available in different metal types like stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick pans. 
  • Knives and spoons: – There are different types of knives used for cutting different things like thick chunks of meat, soft slice of tofu, etc. Apart from it, you have other variety of kitchen spoons, spatulas, whisks, and other hand tools required for stirring and serving purposes. 
  • Dinnerware: – when it comes to serving the food, you need to pay attention to the presentation. Porcelain plates are the perfect choice with a classic wine and dine whereas stoneware plates match well with steaks and sizzlers. So, as per the type of restaurant, you are running you should choose the best dinner sets & restaurant supplies like melamine, glass dinnerware, metal, etc. From coffee & tea accessories to crockery and tableware you can purchase them online from a trusted store.
  • Tables and Shelves

The tables and shelves give a fairly neat and systematic outlook to your kitchen. 

  • Wall mount shelves and rack:-It is useful for storing food items and small electrical appliances on wall-mounted shelves from where you can easily access them.
  • Prep tables and counters:- You should buy tables and counter that are easy to clean and work for long life. You should not choose a surface that does not survive with changing temperatures and chemicals used for cleaning.
  • Safety Equipment

In the commercial kitchen, the chances of fire accidents are also higher because many equipment and utensils used in the kitchen are good conductors of heat. This is a reason your kitchen should be equipped with the right fire and safety equipment such as fire extinguisher.  

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