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Get complete information about refrigerated beverage dispensers

Serving a cool and refreshing taste of lemonade to your guests on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to increase sales at your convenience store, concession stand, and other food services. By using refrigerated chilled beverage dispenser you can easily make the cool and refreshing drinks without wasting your time.  There are different varieties of refrigerated beverage dispensers where you need to right one that works well with your prime need.  In this article, we provide you complete information about these units so you can invest in the best one that worth your money.

What is a refrigerated Beverage Dispenser?

This cooling unit uses for refrigeration process that keeps the drinking products at an ideal temperature. They are capable of holding and dispensing pre-made drinks such as mixed drinks, fruit juice, tea, or lemonade. These units come in standard width i.e. 22, 32, 44, and 60. By introducing a refrigerated beverage dispenser in your business you can increase your sales and boost the profit margins. They are versatile units through which you can make a wide range of drinks including carbonated, dairy, or alcoholic but it depends on the model you choose. You need to check local regulation if you are buying it for serving drinks with dairy or alcohol.

Carbonated Beverage Dispenser

Carbonated beverage dispensers or fountain dispensers are completely different than traditional ice tea or lemonade dispensers. These units come with a valve or nozzle to add different flavors with 6-12 valves standard size. Rather than providing an already mixed beverage, fountain dispensers mix water and add flavoring syrup at the time of dispensing. The water will get carbonated as per the proper water-to-flavor ratio.

How refrigerated dispensers work?

The beverage dispensers contain a few key components that help the unit for its proper function. These components are the hopper, base, agitator, and handle. Let’s have a brief explanation of each component-

  • Hopper- It is also called bowl where the product is housed.  Some units come with multiple hoppers so you can offer different flavors of drinks to the customers.
  • Agitator:- This will work with stir rod and help in mixing the product. In the absence of agitator, your drink is at the risk of separating or becoming too thick that spoils the consistency and flavor of the drink.
  • Base:- It controls the entire refrigeration system to keep your beverage chilled. It also used for preventing essential mechanical components like motor, condenser, or evaporator from tempering and exposure.
  • Handle:- It is used for dispensing the product and comes with either be push or pull handle.

Tips for choosing Refrigerated Beverage dispenser

When it comes to chilled beverage dispensers, you need to pay attention on where and how the unit will be used. First, you need to consider space where you will put it, flavor accommodation and if you are looking for an ice-cooled unit then how much ice you will need to have on hand. Ice-cooled unites are used for back-of-house operations whereas refrigerated dispensers are ideal options for front-of-house use at coffee shops, concession stands, carnivals, and delis.

Next, you need to determine the type of dispenser you required and decide the model to purchase. If you are not sure which model is right for you then ask these questions to yourself?

  • How many flavors you want to offers?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Will you have a stall to monitor and refill as necessary?

If you want to serve different varieties of 2 -3 drinks then large units with multiple hoppers are right for you. In case you don’t have extra manpower then you should consider carbonate dispenser which doesn’t require a frequent refill.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining refrigerated beverage dispenser

It is important to properly clean and maintain the unit to extend its life. If you don’t care for it then you will at risk of sacrificing the quality and taste of the product. Here we have listed the tips to properly clean the beverage dispense to enjoy its benefits. You should also read the manufacturers guidelines when you buy any model.

  • You should remove and soak nozzle and diffuser in warm soapy water
  • End of the day; wipe down all exterior surfaces of the unit by using soap and water to eliminate any build-up.  Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning which contain high chlorine because it can rust the unit
  • Keep the drip tray clean by using soap and water when it is needed
  • Remove coagulation on the valves annually
  • Wash and sanitize the beverage or ice hopper and chutes every month
  • Use food-grade lubricates “O” rings as required.

Hope, this information helps you to understand these chilled beverage dispensers. If you are also looking for any type of cooling appliances like ice machines, Refrigerated Cabinets, etc. for your food establishment or restaurant then you can buy them online from trusted online stores and save your money by getting deals. For example, at HorecaTraders you will find an exclusive range of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances at great prices with warranty benefits.


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