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Different Types of Small Refrigerators and Mini-Fridges

Mini fridges come in the category of portable and handy appliances which are mostly used in hotel rooms, offices, dorms, homes, and shops. Imagine when you are sleeping and feel thirsty you have to walk all the way to the kitchen for drinking water. But, with mini-fridges, you can easily get the water in your room so that you don’t need to walk to the kitchen at midnight to drink water. You can use these small refrigerators and mini-fridges in the hostel. The best thing is that you can easily shift them from one dorm to another without any hassle. Mini Fridges are also known by different names like small refrigerators, compact refrigerators, mini cooler and portable refrigerator. In this article, we are discussing different types of small refrigerators and Mini Fridges:-

Different variants

These small fridges come in different sizes ranging from 1.7 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet. You can stock beverages, drinks, and food items like candies and snacks in it. The small fridge works well to keep the food fresh and easily fits into space as compared to a regular kitchen refrigerator. Furthermore, it also uses less electricity that saves your money.

Types of small refrigerators and mini-fridges

1. Drink mini fridge

In this portable refrigerator you can only store beverages, water, and drinks. It allows you to set a temperature that can only keep drinks cool. You can’t store vegetables or other items in it.

2. Counter high compact

This variety of small fridge is also called under the counter fridge that means you can fit them under the counter. They are available in single door and double door varieties. Unlike the mini-fridge, they have more storage space and allow you to store anything including food, drinks, etc. They come with dispense, lock, freezer, and light. You can easily fit them in your kitchen or dining hall. However, they will cost you a little expensive than other mini-fridges.

3. Cube Mini Fridges

These varieties of mini-fridges are extensively used due to their compact size and cost-effective prices. They are compact and come with fewer compartments that mean you don’t have more space to place the items. Moreover, these fridges have a reversible door that means the door can be opened from right to left and left to right.

4. Mid-size

As compare to cube mini-fridges, these fridges provide you more storage areas. They have more numbers of shelves which increased their storage capacity and also have a freezer in it. Due to more storage area, they will cost you more than cube mini-fridges.

5. Travel mini fridges

If you love traveling then this category of a mini-fridge is designed for you. They are a portable refrigerator and can be easily carried from one place to another. You can easily carry them when you are going for travelling like a picnic, camping, etc. They are very durable and provide enough space to store both food items and beverages. As compare to min fridges, travel mini-fridges will cost you less expensive.

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