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Introduction of different types of display fridges and coolers

Commercial display fridges are one of the huge investments that not only benefits in keeping the drinks and food chilled at the right temperature but also efficiently merchandise your products to maximize the sales. You can see these types of display coolers and fridges in canteens, bars, and takeaways with front display. They are capable of holding large quantities of stock with less maintenance while offering easy access for staff or customers. 

In this blog, we are discussing top display coolers and the fridge’s so you can choose the one as per your need. 

  1. Beer fridge

Bar fridges/beer fridges or back bar display cooler is extensively used in pubs, bars, clubs, and leisure centers. Undercounter back bar chiller is a common type of beer fridge that offers easy access to chilled bottles and canned beverages. These fridges come with sliding and hinged doors with attractive lighting features to draw customer attention especially in clubs or bars. When it comes to buying these fridges, you need to consider the right capacity and access according to your need. There are some other varieties of beer fridges that come with high capacity and capable of accommodating a large number of bottles. 

  • Wine fridge or cooler 

Wine fridges or wine bottle coolers look similar to beer fridges but from the inside wine fridge is quite different. Different wine varieties need to store in different serving temperatures where wine fridge/cooler is the ideal option to keep the temperature constant and bring the best flavor for the wines you offered. Some wine chillers come with multiple temperature zones so that you can keep your red and white wines in a separate section in the same appliance. Secondly, these fridges have wooden shelves because wire racks can easily bend due to the heavyweight of bottles and can scratch the label. You should consider both capacity and appearance when buying wine fridges or wine bottle coolers.

  • Multideck display fridge

Multideck display fridges have large open-fronted merchandiser that enables the customers to easily pick the chilled products directly off the shelf. These are mostly seen in convenience stores, cafes and sandwich shops to attract customers for increasing sales. They are large so when you are purchasing this display makes sure that it has enough capacity and a number of shelves for your business purpose. 

  • Display freezers 

In summer’s everyone likes to have chilling and delicious ice creams or lollies. In the same way, providing a takeaway service of frozen food items or merchandising ready boxed meals can help you to bring a profit with a commercial display freezer. These chilled food displays give you plenty of choices like a display chest freezer, ice cream counter, and upright display freezers for merchandising frozen foods. They are generally used in convenience stores, leisure facilities, and takeaways.

  • Other chilled food displays 

There are different types of food machines available that help to keep your food cold for quick services. For example, a chilled salad bar is mainly used for presenting pre-prepared desserts and salads. There are also used to highlight new products to the customers.

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