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Things you should consider while buying a commercial refrigerator and freezer

During the summer months, the temperature is very high which leads to refrigeration problems and it becomes very frequent. At this time, refrigerated units need to work hard and require proper maintenance. But, by choosing the right set of a commercial refrigerator according to your business type you can get more efficient use out of it. When you search for commercial refrigerators and freezers you will find various options in the market but you need to pay attention and choose the right one as per your need. In this article, we are sharing a few tips that will help you in finding the right reach-in refrigerator or freezer for your commercial kitchen.

  • Brand 

As the commercial refrigerators are offered by different brands so you should choose the one that you can trust upon. Some of the brands focus on providing the finest quality units without comprising the value at the best possible price. You need to research well and choose the best brand which has a good reputation in offering these units like Afinox refrigerators, Husky Display Bar Fridges, etc.

  • Placement 

First, you need to consider the environment where you place your reach-in refrigerator. Are you running a pizza parlor and planning to place the refrigerator next to the oven? If you put your refrigerator in a hot storage room with no temperature control then it needs to work harder to keep the food safe. The long term exposure to the high heat can adversely impact the compressor therefore proper maintenance becomes very important for it. You should keep your reach-in refrigerator in the place where temperature fluctuation is not too much. If you require a fridge for a crowded kitchen then choose a heavy-duty name brand refrigerator that can handle the heat. The entry-level models are not made to withstand such conditions for a long time. 

  • Choose a size

Commercial Refrigerators and freezers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. To choose the right set of a refrigerator, you should first measure the space in your kitchen where you want to place it. Don’t forget about the doorways because your fridge or freezer needs to fit in it. Another thing needs to be considered is the interior dimensions. You should be clear how much storage space you need for business. Many units have good exterior dimensions but have different spaces available in interior cubic feet. You should consider your stock purchases and how many customers you need to serve regularly. After this, you can decide a unit that can accommodate your business needs. 

  • Check for warranty 

There is nothing that lasts forever and even the best refrigerators also need proper servicing. You should know that all commercial refrigerators come with extensive warranty benefits and even some of the brands provide it with up to 3 years parts and labor coverage. It means you can get the services from certified technicians if anything happens wrong with the unit under the warranty period. Before buying any unit you should first ask about the warranty that gives you peace of mind for any type of future mishap. You can ask warranty related questions like how does warranty service work? Who do you need to call for it? 

  • Compressor Location

The refrigerator compressor is mostly mounted on either the bottom or top of the unit. If you are confused about which one you should purchase for your business then it completely depends on how you use the unit and where you place it in the kitchen. After considering the below-listed facts you can decide which one is a better choice for you.

Bottom-Mounted Compressor Features

  • It provides easy service because you don’t need to use a ladder for it
  • You can easily stack items on the top of the unit 
  • Perfect option to use nearby cooking lines 

Top-Mounted Compressor Facts

  • You cannot stack products on top of reach in
  • Perfect option for storing dry ingredients 
  • Have a low bottom shelf with easy access. Similarly, top-shelf height is also lower and provides an easy way to operate especially for a shorter individual

These are a few points that can help you in choosing the right Commercial Refrigerators and freezers for your business. You can also browse online to find the exclusive range of commercial appliances and equipment’s with great deals to save your money. For example, Horecatraders is one such online store which has been engaged in offering a wide range of commercial appliance and equipment with warranty benefits. You can explore their website to buy top quality refrigerators and freezers for your business purpose.


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