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All About Bain Maries and its different types

A Bain Marie is a food warming appliance that has been used to keep pre-cooked food ready to eat for a long period. They are also called a double boiler which usually comes in large size and gastronorm compatible machine utilized as a part of a self-service buffet or in service area. It comes in both gas and electrical versions as well as with wet and dry heat options. When you buy Bain-Maries; you have wide choices in different sizes, shapes, and types. 

It surrounds the food by giving gentle heat and warms the dishes like melting chocolate, sauces, etc. Additionally, it is also used for pre-cooked foods like chili, baked beans, curry, etc. to keep the food safe at the right temperature for extended periods. The temperature can be changed through thermostat according to the type of food you are holding. 

Types of Bain Marie

  1. Wet Heat Bains Marie

Wet heat Bains Marie keeps the food warm by using a chamber of hot water. 

It works in different ways:-

  • Gentle heat- The water temperature doesn’t exceed the boiling point a result food will not burn or stick to the pan.
  • Steaming: – The stem comes from the hot water that will prevent the food from drying out. Keep the bain-marie lid on to maximize its effect.
  • Gastronorm compatible:- It is easy to swap down the pans during services
  • Even heat: – Once you set the temperature, the food pan will stay at the same temperature as the water has no hot or cold spots.

If you used it for an extended period then you may need to refill the water. After the service, drain out the excess water and check the units with drain taps to make the process safe.

  • Dry Heat bain-marie

Dry Heat bain-marie involves a heating element that directly heats the base of food pan; as a result, it doesn’t need hot water for heating.

  • Rapid heat-up- there is no need for hot water in it, dry heat bains-maries are ready to use and provide great mobility for catering.
  • Efficient: – These models are more efficient as compared to wet heat Bain, as you don’t need to put effort to keep a large pan of hot water.
  • Convenient: – You should know your responsibilities when you are serving hot food. If you have inexperienced staff then this model is an ideal option as they are easy to operate.
  • Safe:- There is no hot water is used therefore the chances of getting burnt through steam or spillages are less.
  • Compatible with Gastronorm:- It is easy to swap out the pans even when you are serving.

Dry Heat bain-marie works well to quickly dry out hot sauces like custard or gravy. 

Holding Time for food in Bain Marie

When it comes to holding the pre-cooked foods for serving canteens, buffets, or such catering environment then most of the food items can behold for a maximum of two hours. But, certain food items spoil before this time or longer if you hold food in more moisture. So, you should monitor the food carefully and get the information about how long you can hold any food in it.

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