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Useful tips for choosing the right display and bakery fridges

Do you want to start your cafe or restaurant business? If yes, then you need a bakery fridge to display the fresh menu for a long period of time. Although these fridges will cost you a little expensive but brings good profit margins for your business. People love to have cakes and bakery items and when you display them attractively it will bring a positive effect on business. Showing your menu nicely in the display fridge will attract the customers to buy them.

Cake/bakery fridges are important appliances for bakeries, cafes, and other food outlets. They have a different temperature range from regular fridges because cakes required to be kept in specific temperature and humidity levels to make them fresh and delicious. This will play a significant role in increasing your business sales.

It works well in maintaining the texture and flavor of cake when you stored it in the refrigerator. All the cakes should be required to store in the fridge. The temperature and humidity level are two things which negatively impact on the cake if they are not properly set.

Understand the difference between display fridge and bakery fridge

Food display is required in the bakery to showcasing and preserving the baked items. The bakery uses mainly two types of displays which include bakery display and dry food displays.

What is the display fridge?

This is used as a marketing tool by merchandisers to display their baked goods to the customers. These fridges come with open or glassed front design so that customers can easily see the baked goods. They are large and have multi-shelved so that bakeries can display a variety of items in it.

What is a bakery display fridge?

These display fridges are chilled and cool. They are utilized for storing pastries, cakes, and other desserts. They have the ability to store, displaying, and refrigerating the perishable baked goods. Bakery fridges will also have the same temperature control options just like dry good display but they have differences in the humidity.

The perishable baked goods are needed to be stored in the bakery fridge because they are vulnerable to increase water weight, oxidization, and even mold. Bakery fridges have less moisture as compared to dry display showcase and capable of controlling the humidity level to make the sweets desserts and pastries soft and moist.

Consider your needs 

When it comes to buying bakery fridges, first you need to think about your need for which exactly you want a display fridge. You must need it to keep the food item cold but you should be clear whether you also want to keep other bits and pieces in it or just want for display purpose only. Apart from cake, if you want to store some other items in it like butter or prepared ingredients then you should look for a display cabinet with an additional fridge underneath. This will enable you to display these items also alongside cakes.

Tips to search new cake display fridge

There are different ways to search for cake or bakery display fridge and the internet is one of them. On the internet, you can find information about different brands of bakery fridges & freezers available in the market with different models, prices, features, and other benefits. Once you decide the supplier to whom you want to buy a specific type of cake display fridge, you should clarify some questions:-

• You should ask them do they have sample model which you can come and see

• How much time they would take to deliver the product?

• What are the payment options?

• Do your appliances have warranties?

• Ask questions regarding the service and maintenance department?

Once you get the answers to these questions you can see and decide from available models to purchase the one. The bakery fridges made of stainless steel to use them for commercial purposes. Stainless steel is a very strong and durable material that makes these fridges ideal options for commercial use. These fridges come with a glass door so that customers can easily view the different types of displayed varieties of cake. The glass door can be either flat glass or curved glass and sometimes equipped with double-layered which enhances the visual beauty of the items as well as make the fridge more energy efficient.

Additional Features      

There are many features that need to be considered when you are planning to buy display and cake fridges. Frost-freezers are the ideal option to save you from the work defrosting the freezer at regular intervals. They are capable of preventing the freezer from icing up.

Some models come with auto fast freeze feature which plats significant role when the freezer temperature gets too high. It will automatically work and turn off the freezer.

If you are also seeking bakery fridges & freezers or display showcase then you can buy them online from trusted stores like HorecaTraders. This is one of the reliable stores which have been engaged in providing a wide range of commercial appliances and equipment at great prices. You can browse their online store and place your order to get the best quality product with warranty benefits.


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