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Useful maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators

A commercial refrigerator is one of the key requirements for cooling all beverages and ingredients perfectly. This is a reason it’s important to ensure the proper working of the unit by ensuring its regular maintenance services. So what steps you should follow regularly? How you can increase the life of the unit? In this article, we are sharing a few tips to keep your unit smoothly running.

  • Keep the interior and exterior clean

You should schedule the thorough cleaning of your refrigeration unit on a weekly or biweekly basis. Before start cleaning, remove all the items of the refrigerator and place them in another unit or temporary cooler. You can use a soft brush or scrub to clean the shelves and also warm water or vinegar for surface cleaning. If there is a possibility of removing the drawers and shelving then also soak them for a while and rinse for cleaning.

When it comes to the exterior part of the unit, it should be regularly cleaned daily. For this, you need proper solutions and materials used for cleaning the stainless steel exterior. Don’t use abrasive scrubbers or sponges or any type of chlorine cleanser otherwise it can damage the unit’s exterior. You can use a washcloth or soft brush for cleaning. However, a combination of vinegar or detergent with warm water is a suitable option for routine maintenance. You can also use baking soda paste for removing grease or baked-on food.

  • Cleanliness of Condenser coil

When it comes to commercial refrigerator & freezer maintenance, you should pay attention to the routine cleanliness of the condenser coil. Manufacturers recommended for condenser coil cleaning once every three months as well as you can find specific cleaning tips on many manuals also. If the condenser coil is not clean then it will cause overheating of the unit and make it difficult to maintain temperature which leads to component failure.

 The coil is placed near to the unit condenser. Always switch off the unit before cleaning the coil and use a stiff bristle brush to remove the dust. You can use a strong vacuum or compressor for removing the left remnants.

  • Clean area by the evaporator coil

Evaporator coils play a key role in the commercial refrigerator and located by the evaporator fan. It is responsible for heat absorption when the warm air passes through the refrigeration system and keeps the unit interior cool. You need to keep the surrounding area of coil clean and clear and avoid cramming the interior with a lot of items. 

This can block the airflow by the vents and cause the coil to freeze that water leaks and rise in cabinet temperature.

  • Check gaskets regularly

The door gaskets are another highly essential part of any commercial refrigeration unit. If there is any split or crack in the gasket then it will prevent the door from sealing shut as a result cool air comes out from the fridge interior. You should quickly replace the gasket from a trusted manufacturer in case of broken. If the gasket is properly working then don’t forget the routine cleaning of the gasket to prevent it from any damage. The process should be done regularly especially if the unit is in a commercial kitchen.

  • Keep the unit dry

If you find any liquid accumulates on the surface or shelving of the unit then wipe it up immediately. The excess accumulation of moisture can lead your refrigerator or freezer to freeze up over time. Therefore you need to clean the spills immediately as well as also check for moisture build-up once in a week.

  • Pay attention to Air Filters

Grease and dust come in the kitchen from fryers and griddles also create a hassle on your commercial fridge’s air filters. Due to the large build-up, air will not properly ventilate from the unit therefore routine cleaning important for it. You can use a shop vacuum and degreasing solution to remove dust or loose debris as well as eliminate any thick grease also. The excess accumulation of dust and grease can damage the air filter.

  • Clean drain pans and tubes

A large commercial refrigerator & freezer attract a huge amount of sludge and slime that leads your unit to freeze up. You need to check the drain pan and any tubing where frequent build-up is occurring. If your drain pain overflows with sludge or moisture then you will experience the pungent odor through your kitchen. So, clean the plan at least once in a month by using a vinegar solution and warm water.

These are some maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your commercial refrigerators clean and efficient. If you are looking for any type of hygiene supplies for the commercial kitchen then you can buy them online from reliable store HorecaTraders. It is one of the trusted stores which provide a complete range of commercial kitchen supplies and equipment. Whether you are looking for Small Refrigerators and Mini Fridges, Ice Machines, or hygiene supplies like detergent, air fresheners, cleaning, or janitorial supplies, HorecaTraders is a one-stop solution to accomplish all your supplies.


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