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Things to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator and freezer

If you are in a hospitality business, then a commercial fridge is one of the important assets for you. Whether, it’s a cafe, restaurant or bar, commercial refrigerators are required to keep the food and drinks at the right temperature. When it comes to the food and beverage business, they have different fridge requirements as compared to residential fridges. Commercial kitchen needs to store huge amounts of meals and use several refrigerators for different storage and supply purpose. On the other hand, small cafes and bars need small commercial refrigerators and freezer, bottle coolers, bar fridges, ice machines, etc.

Here in this blog, we are sharing a few tips that you should consider when you are looking for a commercial fridge and freezer or sleek under counter refrigerator.

  1. Right capacity

First, the most important thing is that your fridge should meet the prime requirements of your kitchen or shop. You should choose the unit having enough space to store the products required for your demanding service period. If you choose less capacity unit then you won’t able to cope up with the demand whereas a large capacity unit will lead to a high running cost for you. You must choose the right capacity of the fridge that works well with your specific requirements.

  • Size  and design

Next, you need to consider the right size of the unit that places well in your kitchen. For example, you should be clear whether you want an inbuilt freezer or one that has stand- alone. This is a case when you have limited space in your kitchen. You can also go with a glass door fridge that allows you to see the available supplies and stock you have. This is also good to display the products in front of the customers so they can easily review the goods you are selling. If your customers can see the fridge in your open kitchen then stainless fridges are a good option that offers a great look.

  • Automatic defrosting

When you are looking for a commercial fridge make sure they have an automatic defrost system. The build-up of ice in the commercial fridge will impact on their performance and efficiency as well as hamper its life validity. Automatic defrosting will save your time by removing the ice manually.

  • Energy-efficient and insulation

An energy-efficient fridge will save your money in the form of low power bills.  When your fridge is going to be used over a long period, an energy-efficient unit will prove beneficial as it lower running costs. Another part of fridge efficiency is its quality of insulation where polyurethane foam is an ideal option. It comes with excellent insulation properties and high compression strength with thermal conductivity. This will keep the drinks and food cool in the fridge for a long time while consuming less energy.

  • Correct climate rating

Your fridge should match with the immediate climate condition to keep your stock consistently cool. If you want to use the fridge on the cafe floor then a standard climate is an appropriate one. But, if it is going to be used in a busy commercial kitchen then a tropical class rating is needed.

  • Self-closing doors

When it comes to the commercial refrigerator, self-closing doors are must be needed. It is important especially if you are using your fridge for selling food and drink s then it will ensure that door will automatically close once the patrons have selected their product from the fridge.

  • Warranty

The commercial refrigerators of reputed brands come with warranty benefits that cover parts and labor coverage for certain years. These warranties are complemented by large experienced and certified technicians that help to get back your unit running quickly in case any mishap occurs in the future. You should check what each brand offer for warranty and service that helps you in choosing the right commercial refrigerator.

Nowadays, you can find many online stores that deal in commercial refrigerators and freezers. You should research well and approach the trusted online store like HorecaTraders that can offer you a wide range of commercial refrigerators with warranty benefits. It is one of the renowned suppliers of commercial equipment and appliances which has won the trust of its customers by offering high-quality products at great prices.


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