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Types of ice cube makers and their uses

For foodservice Companies, an ice maker is one of the essential equipment of commercial restaurants and commercial kitchen also. The ice machines are easy to maintain and operate as well as most of the small ice cube makers come in cost-effective. If you are also planning to buy ice cube maker for your business then you should keep following key consideration in your mind:-

  • Type cooling system because it comes within an air-cooled and water-cooled option
  • Buy a reliable machine that will not cost you hefty repair bills
  • Consider the type of condenser that works with numbers of things
  • Pick the right size of a machine according to business need
  • Type of ice you want like crushed,  flakes or cubes

When you buy an ice maker machine, first you need to decide how much space you have to keep the machine.  Also, keep in mind that how much ice you will be required in summer and on weekends. A small overview of the things you should consider before buying an ice machine.

  • It is good to choose pick over-production so that if your business grows in the future you don’t need to invest in buying another unit
  • Consider the annual usage of ice
  • Review the machine features to ensure it is capable of meeting your needs
  • Choose them wisely because sometime you will need a large number of ices at a specific point
  • Pick the right that perfectly fit on your available space

Next, the thing you need to consider is the kind of ice cubes required for your business. The ice maker produces different types of ice like flakes, cubes, and nuggets.  Choose the one that meets your business need.

  1. Flakes – Flake ice makers can produce small and hard bits of ice while generating low production costs.  This type of machine is the perfect option for quick cooling of drinks and food.  The flake ice is used in blended cocktails, salad bars, meat, seafood, and even hospital use also.
  2. Cubes: – The two sizes of ices i.e. half dice and whole dice can produce buy ice cube makers. You can check a spec sheet to know the cube size produce the ice machine. Cubed ice melts slowly and used for making the best beverages. Some of the drinks where ice cubes are extensively used like mixed drinks, cocktails, and carbonated drinks and also used for ice dispensing and salad bars.
  3. Nuggets:-  Nuggets ice makers are ideal for cooling beverages because they produce chewable textured ice. This type of ice is used in carbonated drinks, blended drinks, salad bars, and hospital use.

Consider the cooling System- water cooling or air cooling

Air-cooled machines are mostly preferred as they are quite inexpensive, easy to install and operate well. Its system works well by using water temperature and air. But, it required more space to avoid the overheating problem. They are mainly considered by the food service industry due to its environment-friendly feature.

Water cooling machines are comparatively more expensive than air cooling as it consumes more water for cooling. But the water cooling machine doesn’t need much space as air cooling need and does not produce rapid heat in the room. If you have limited space then a water cooling machine is an ideal option for you.

The large machines are capable of producing tons of ice as more than 800lbs in every 24 hours. To minimize the heat of condenser exerts, it is good to mount it on the roof of a building. It performs well on the highly beneficial roof.

Other considerations for ice cube makers

  • Pay attention to plumbing need-water line and a drain line
  • Efficacy of energy consumption otherwise you will pay for hefty bills
  • Don’t ignore the sanitation essentials and food safety
  • Follow the maintenance required to ensure the long life validity of machine
  • Should have standard features

Things you should avoid when buying ice cube makers

  • Buying a machine that cannot produce enough ice to meet your requirements
  • Incompatible to your plumbing system
  • The wrong type of machine
  • Buy a machine with the wrong condenser
  • Neglecting the cleaning and maintenance of your machine

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