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Key Benefits of using Vacuum Packaging machines

Whether you are purchasing perishable items in a bulk or want to preserve big leftover dinner, food packaging machines can prove beneficial in saving your money. Vacuum packing offers an easy and efficient way for packing variety of food items as well as used for commercial and residential purpose to preserve the food. It is a form of packing where atmosphere around the product is altered from the external atmosphere to enhance its life.

Freezing works well in increasing the life validity of food products such as fish, beef, chicken, etc. But, you can store your food items in the fridge only for specific time before it gets decay.  If we talk about vegetables, fruits, or meat, they get easily exposed to new air once their original packaging seal is broken. You must be thinking that placing poultry in the freezer can work well in preserving it for a long time. Then you are right. Poultry which is vacuumed packed and sealed with a food vacuum machine can preserve it for long. Here we are sharing some of the key benefits of using vacuum packaging:-

Benefits of vacuum packaging

  1. Improve shelf life- The vacuum packaging works well in enhancing the product shelf life from 50 to 400 percent. It determines the ideal atmosphere within the packing for the product when it is packed. The vacuum machine introduced the inert gas or reduces the oxygen to ideal levels. This packaging is also preferred for different products that need to be stored in a freezer for a long time. Vacuum bags help in reducing the freezer burn and extensively used for storing meat around the world.
  2. Minimize product loss: – when the shelf life increases it directly impacts on reducing the product loss for companies inventorying product. The reduction in product loss works well in increasing the bottom lines.
  3. Sealed barrier from external elements: – Generally, common vacuum bags come in 3 mil thickness with some bags up to 6-8 mil thickness. The vacuum packaging prevents the product from inspecting, moisture, dust, and other external elements that can damage or harm your products.
  4. No preservatives needed: – With vacuum packaging you don’t need to use chemical preservatives. The combination of oxygen to inert gas enables the product to survive for a long time without using the preservatives.
  5. Improved product presentation: – vacuum bags are crystal clear so that products within the packaging can be displayed on shelves. This packaging offers an affordable solution and enables the products to be shelf ready with a custom printed sticker.

Why you should use food packing Henkelman professional vacuum machines to preserve products?

  • The countries where there are harsh cold weather conditions, vacuum packaging enables to store your food for a long time. It will limit your need to go out in chilling winters and reduce the risk of certain environmental hazards.
  • If you are facing hot summer weather conditions then this will keep your vegetable and fruits remain fresh longer.
  • It works well in reducing the food risk like cheese or bread become moldy quickly.

Vacuum packaging machines are extensively used in the food industry for storing and preserving food items. In different tests, it has been found that a variety of freshness in vacuum sealing is better than conventional zipper bags especially on cheese-based items such as cheese slice, cream cheese, etc. These packed bags are also beneficial for reheating food. It means you can easily reheat the food by dropping the bag in boiling water.

If your kitchen is small and you don’t have enough space then you can buy small vacuum sealers that consume less space. However, hand-held sealers only work for packing small items like soup, leftover, etc. and also flour, rice, baking powder, sugar, and more to preserve them from damages of humidity.

Buying Henkelman vacuum packaging machines through online

Whether you are storing food for any special event or want to save leftovers in the restaurant, you can preserve your food over an extended period and save your money by using Henkelman professional vacuum machines.

Henkelman is one of the trusted names which offer the finest quality vacuum machines for the hospitality industry as well as for food and other industries like the semiconductor industry. The vacuum packaging machine is the specialty of Henkelman and manufactured in the Netherlands. The professional Henkelman vacuum machines have functional designs with easy to use operation and long life validity.

Henkelman is the trusted dealer that assures to provide strong personalized service as well as resolve your all queries with an adequate response. If you are also looking for Henkelman vacuum packaging machines then you can buy it online from HorecaTraders. They supply the complete range of vacuum machines and Hemkelam components that include the Jumbo Henkelman series and the Titan series. Apart from it, you can also find supply catering custom vacuum machines on their website that are fully equipped to accomplish your needs.


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