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Benefits of food Vacuum Machine for commercial kitchen

Food packing machines come in different varieties according to the type of food being packed.  The packing style plays a significant role in enhancing the storage life of the product. For perishable food like fresh meats and frozen items needs the best vacuum packing to extend the storage life. For this, there are different types of vacuum machines used to perform vacuum packing of these products.

Why vacuum packed food?

  1. Extend the shelf life of food products

Vacuum packing of the food products lessens the growth of bacteria which ultimately increases the life validity of the food. The vacuum-packed food used for selling and serving for an extended period of time.

  • Improve food quality and safety

Proper sealing of the bags eliminates the chances of cross-contamination of the products from external influences and improves food safety. Apart from this, it prevents the food from atmospheric dehydration, mold, and freezer burn. This means it has the ability to store the food without losing mass and its aroma.

  • Optimize storage

When the product is vacuum packed, it allows you to use the available shelves efficiently by staking different foods together. There are no product spoilage issues, cross-contamination, or odor issue. The extended life of your products enables you to purchase large quantities of seasonal products.

  • Safety standards

Vacuum packing ensures the best condition of food freshness and its safe use for a long time. Apart from this, it also important to follow the hygiene and safety standards you must comply with. You need to follow the latest regulatory requirements and use only high standard quality vacuum packing machines for professional applications.

When it comes to buying vacuum machines, you should buy it from a trusted company that assures you to provide quality machines at the best prices. You should research well and read the customer reviews that help you in choosing the best machines for business and worth your money.

Top-notch quality Henkelman Vacuum Machines

If you are looking for the finest range of vacuum machines for your food establishment or restaurant then Henkelman is one of the trusted names to provide the best quality machines. Henkelman is a renowned manufacturer of professional vacuum packers that offers a complete range of vacuum machines suitable for food services, retailing, and industrial purposes as well as for the hospitality sector.

From small table-top vacuum packers to large heavy-duty vacuum double chambers, Henkelman is a quality brand that offers its products with some unique features:-

•           Value for money

•           Comes in functional design

•           Ensure complete safety and reliability

•           Provide multiple purpose benefits

Buy Henkelman Vacuum Machines and accessories through online

If you are also looking for a trusted supplier to get the finest range of Henkelman Vacuum Machines then buy them online from reliable stores like Horeca Traders. Whether you are looking at Henkelman Parts & Accessories or jumbo vacuum machine, Horeca Traders can accomplish your all needs. It is one of the trusted suppliers that offer all types of professional catering equipment to catering companies, for snack bars corners, football canteens, Multinationals, and SMEs.


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