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Different types of Ice cubes and their uses

When you go shopping, you know what exactly you are looking for or what you need. The same thing applies to ice machines also because they are available in different varieties and provide different types of ice. Yes! You should know that all the ice cubes are not the same. You may notice that ice cubes are different in shapes and sizes when you order any drink in restaurants, bars, and clubs. Here in this article, we are talking about different types of ice cubes and their uses so that you can choose the best one as per your commercial business need.

Each type of ice is used for specific purposes. Some of the ices are used for cooling drinks whereas others are for chewing or even product display. Let’s start with the types of ice and their use in different applications. 

  1. Flake ice

Flake ice is soft and snowy which is used for cooling the product quickly and can be easily molded. They are used in fragile seafood displays or food transport to prevent bruising. The softness of flake ice makes it a perfect choice for compresses on injuries without putting much pressure. Flake ice is used in grocery stores, buffets, fish markets, and healthcare institutions.

  • Nugget Ice

It is also known by the names like pebble ice, sonic ice, tubular nugget ice, and pellet ice. Nugget ice is very soft that makes it easy to chew while it is hard enough to dispense. Nugget ice is mainly found in healthcare facilities, convenience stores, restaurants, and bars. This type of ice is used in cold drinks, soft drinks, and blended drinks such as frozen cocktail and smoothies. It can easily absorb the drink flavors and easy to break down when chewed.

  • Full cube 

It is also called as dice ice or square cube. This is a full ice cube that comes in solid form and contains nearly a 100 % ice-to-water ratio. These are used for ice bagging and dispensing as well as in soft drinks and mixed drinks. It offers clean looks and comes in uniform shape and size. They are large and slowly melt which provide maximum cooling while reducing ice consumption.

  • Crescent Ice

These are distinct half-moon shape ice comes in solid build form. It is used for ice bagging and dispensing and in soft drinks and mixed drinks. You can find them in a commercial kitchen, restaurants, bars, and convenience stores.

  • Gourmet Ice

It is also known as top hat Ice or Octagon shaped ice. This type of ice comes in cylindrical or unique octagonal shape with solid build and contains around 100% ice-tow-water ratio. They are used for serving high-end liquors and hard drinks like whiskeys. They are found in bars, upscale restaurants, and banquet halls. Gourmet ice has a unique shape and large size that offers an eye-catching presentation to any drink. 

These are the different types of ice types and used for different purposes in various places. If you are looking for ice machines for commercial purpose then you should understand the different types of ices and choose the best one that works well with your needs. You can find a wide range of ice machines and accessories including ice crushers from trusted online stores at great prices. 


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