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How to find common problems of commercial refrigeration equipment?

In the commercial food business, there are different pieces of kitchen equipment in which refrigeration comes in various types such as walk-in coolers, refrigerators and freezers.   When there is any problem occur with commercial refrigerator, it become difficult for the restaurant to run the day. In most cases, restaurants have to shut down till they will not maintain refrigeration issues.

But, you can save your refrigerator from severe damage by detecting its some common problems. You can learn some tips and repair solution that helps in saving your money in expensive repair. With some important information you can understand that your commercial refrigerator is running smoothly.

Some common Refrigeration problems

Here we are sharing some common issues that come with commercial refrigeration equipment.

•         Food is not cold enough- This is a common issue comes with commercial refrigeration when it is not cold enough to prevent the food. In this situation, temperature is not enough cold and chances of food is more likely to spoil due to spread of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

•         Fans require repair: – Broken and clogged fans are another reasons of malfunction. When fan is not working properly on refrigeration equipment, it becomes difficult to maintain ventilation and temperature of the equipment.  As a result it will not keep your food cold as it required.

•         Thermostats unable to track temperature: – Problem in thermostats leads to food spoilage because they are responsible for regulating temperature in the equipment. If they are off the temperature it may rise to high and spoil the food. 

•         Broken compressor: – The broken compressor is responsible for impacting the constancy of the temperature control of the commercial refrigerator.  It can cause more complication if you it’s not caught in time.

•         Refrigeration coil worn out: – the coil can create issues due to dirt or frozen and mostly get damaged when temperature is not properly regulated in the refrigeration.

Tips for Preventing Problems

You can follow some useful tips to prevent the minor issues occur in commercial refrigeration equipment.  It is good to check the each part of the equipment for its proper functioning as it help in preventing many malfunction which will cost you expensive.  Here we are sharing few tips to prevent general issues with commercial Refrigerators and Mini Fridges:-

1.         Routine maintenance:- you should schedule the professional  technician to inspect your refrigeration equipment . If the unit is use more then you should frequently schedule its maintenance service for inspection.

2.         Regular cleaning of equipment:- clean the equipment that help in its efficient running. Also make sure that equipment is not wear and tear. When you clean it, you may see the problem comes with freezer and cooler that you could miss otherwise. Regular cleaning of the parts prevents lot of malfunction especially with fans and coils.  Use dry cloth to wipe down the equipment.

3.         Replacement of worn parts: – If you find any part of the equipment which is worn or outdated then you should immediately replace it. If you ignore, it can lead sever issues and cost you very expensive in the future.

4.         Check the fan blades:- keep the fan blades clean  by wipe out the fan blade. It will allow the proper working of the fan as well as prevent the neighboring parts of the equipment from overheating.

These are few tips that help you in deducting the issue with commercial Refrigerators. If you are looking for buying Refrigerator with single door, ice machine, Refrigerator with a glass door or any cooling equipment then you can buy them online from trusted store like HorecaTraders. It is one stop solutions which have been engaged in offering wide range of commercial equipment and appliances at great prices with warranty benefits.


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