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Key benefits of using a Vacuum food packaging machine

Vacuum packaging is one of the easy and efficient ways of storing food safely. It is mostly used in commercial and residential applications for preserving the food. It is a type of modified atmosphere packaging which keeps the product safe from the external atmosphere. 

Vacuum sealers machines available in different types and prices which are based on the production level of the machine size. Before purchasing any vacuum machine, you should determine its production level and size that can save your money.

Here in this article, we are sharing the key benefits of using vacuum packaging.

Key benefits of Vacuum machine

  • Extend Shelf Life

Vacuum packaging of the ingredients can help in extending their shelf lives from 50% to 400%. It means you can store the ingredient for a long time to sell or serve them. The key reason behind the increased life of the product is dependent on the ideal atmosphere within the packaging for the product being packaged. This could happen with the introduction of inert gas or a drop of oxygen level at the right level. Vacuum packaging is also used for the packaging of many products by storing them in the freezer. The proper vacuum bags work well in reducing the freezer burn and are widely used for storing meat and perishable food items.

  • Safe

By preserving the ingredients in vacuum-sealed pouches you can prevent them from cross-contamination, mold, and dehydration. Mold and bacteria grow in the oxygen so when you remove it from the pouch, they cannot grow. This will keep the food fresh with less discoloration or change in odor.

The properly sealed packing also prevents the product from moisture, insects, dust, and a variety of external elements that can damage your products. It also acts as an excellent barrier to protect the food from freezer burn during long term freezer storage.

  • Preserve Flavor/Quality

Vacuum sealing helps to seal the food taste and overall quality of the dishes. It provides a barrier that works well in preventing the food flavor and juices from leaving the bag.  You can store various spices and seasoning ingredients in the vacuum bag to locked their aroma and taste and infuse with other ingredients.

  • No chemical preservative needed

Vacuum packaging will eliminate the role of any type of chemical preservative to keep the food ingredients safe. With the combination of the right oxygen level to inert gas, the product can stay for a long time without using any preservatives. The nitrogen inert gas is generally used for vacuum packaging.

  • Improve the presentation

The vacuum bags mostly come in crystal clear pack that allows products to be displayed on the shelves. It is an affordable packaging option that enables the product to be shelved ready and you can print custom stickers on.

  • Multiple packaging options

Vacuum sealing material is available in various packaging options so that you can efficiently pack the products without any issues. Users can buy bags or rolls of films to seal the products.  You can also find bags in different forms like foil-lined, easy-open tear notches, zippers, etc.

  • Quick and efficient packing

By using proper types of machines and materials you can efficiently seal the products and enhance their life duration. The machine has a great capacity to seal thousands or hundreds of products in one hour. You search for different types of Henkelman vacuum machines and choose the one as per your requirement.

If you are also seeking for an exclusive range of commercial kitchen equipment or Henkelman professional vacuum machines, then you can buy them online from trusted online store like HorecaTraders. 


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