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Types of ice cube makers and their uses

For foodservice Companies, an ice maker is one of the essential equipment of commercial restaurants and commercial kitchen also. The ice machines are easy to maintain and operate as well as most of the small ice cube makers come in cost-effective. If you are also planning to buy ice cube maker for your business thenContinue reading “Types of ice cube makers and their uses”


Things to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator and freezer

If you are in a hospitality business, then a commercial fridge is one of the important assets for you. Whether, it’s a cafe, restaurant or bar, commercial refrigerators are required to keep the food and drinks at the right temperature. When it comes to the food and beverage business, they have different fridge requirements asContinue reading “Things to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator and freezer”

Different uses of small refrigerators and Mini Fridges

Small refrigerators and mini-fridges are one of the versatile appliances used by most costumers. These miniature refrigerators have an amazing ability of refrigeration and come in portable size which means you can use it for numbers of different settings. In this article, we are talking about different uses of mini-fridges as a bar fridge, campingContinue reading “Different uses of small refrigerators and Mini Fridges”

Useful maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators

A commercial refrigerator is one of the key requirements for cooling all beverages and ingredients perfectly. This is a reason it’s important to ensure the proper working of the unit by ensuring its regular maintenance services. So what steps you should follow regularly? How you can increase the life of the unit? In this article,Continue reading “Useful maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators”

Useful tips for choosing the right display and bakery fridges

Do you want to start your cafe or restaurant business? If yes, then you need a bakery fridge to display the fresh menu for a long period of time. Although these fridges will cost you a little expensive but brings good profit margins for your business. People love to have cakes and bakery items andContinue reading “Useful tips for choosing the right display and bakery fridges”

Address all your skin concerns with Holika Holika essence

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their beauty. Everyone wants to get rid of all the skin problems such as acnes, sagginess and other aging signs. There is a lot of beauty and skin care products available in the market that can help restore the beauty and youthfulness of skin. More and more people relyContinue reading “Address all your skin concerns with Holika Holika essence”

Things you should know when buying small refrigerators and Mini Fridges

When it comes to small refrigerators and mini-fridges you will find the wide range of compact refrigerator options from which you can choose the one. They are used for different purposes like in the bar, workout area, etc. Some of the key benefits of using these compact refrigerators include:- Compact and portable- They are compactContinue reading “Things you should know when buying small refrigerators and Mini Fridges”

Get complete information about refrigerated beverage dispensers

Serving a cool and refreshing taste of lemonade to your guests on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to increase sales at your convenience store, concession stand, and other food services. By using refrigerated chilled beverage dispenser you can easily make the cool and refreshing drinks without wasting your time.  ThereContinue reading “Get complete information about refrigerated beverage dispensers”

Different Types of Small Refrigerators and Mini-Fridges

Mini fridges come in the category of portable and handy appliances which are mostly used in hotel rooms, offices, dorms, homes, and shops. Imagine when you are sleeping and feel thirsty you have to walk all the way to the kitchen for drinking water. But, with mini-fridges, you can easily get the water in yourContinue reading “Different Types of Small Refrigerators and Mini-Fridges”

Introduction of different types of display fridges and coolers

Commercial display fridges are one of the huge investments that not only benefits in keeping the drinks and food chilled at the right temperature but also efficiently merchandise your products to maximize the sales. You can see these types of display coolers and fridges in canteens, bars, and takeaways with front display. They are capableContinue reading “Introduction of different types of display fridges and coolers”